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Once you have successfully brought visitors to your site (See tools to develop your audience and backlinks), it would be a shame if they left without you being able to remember them.

There are therefore web marketing tools to allow you to collect the contact details of your visitors and thus transform them into prospects or potential buyers. You can then contact them by email and follow up consistently. From the simple contact form, to downloading a white paper, your price list or even participating in a contest, many techniques exist to make your visitors take action. Your strategy will depend on your sector of activity, your service or product and of course the profile of your visitors. Nevertheless, the tools can be used in connection with your webmarketing strategy.

For example, you can create landing pages (landing pages or pages specially made for a user profile), pop-ups (windows that open at a certain time and are superimposed on your page), forms, etc.

Create forms and pop-ups

Google Forms may be an option to just make a form or a investigation and have a database on Google sheet. Wisepops allows you to create pop up design and even makeA/B testing ie to test two pop-ups at the same time by automatically directing some of the users to one and the other to the second. Thus it is possible to know which pop-up is the most effective and thus improve continuously. An alternative to Wisepops is Sumo which also allows create forms to retrieve customer emails.


What is WisePops? :


Jotform is another form builder whose home page I didn't like at first. But when I saw that Facebook live used it during a Barack Obama live and the history of the team, the path covered, I thought it was worth the detour! Especially since there are additional features (activity management in team table mode, PDF creator…etc…). I haven't used it yet, so if you have any feedback, I'm all ears!

JotForm in 2 minutes:


Landing page or landing page and mails

ConvertKit allows to make Landing Page and even then automate emails which will be sent. This is ideal when you want to set up a real customer conversion tunnel. ConvertKit also offers the possibility of setting up forms and even means of payment to sell ebooks, hours of coaching, music, photos… among other things!

Pages connected to ads and A/B testing

At last, Unbounce ( A promotional offer is underway for Unbounce by following this link) is a premium tool for creating pop-ups and especially optimized landing pages. Unbounce allowsanalyze each conversion much more effectively by being connected to the different advertising tools. With Unbounce you can thus makeA/B testing, bring perfectly targeted visitor flow on your web pages. And so optimize each of your conversions by collecting the emails and contact details of your prospects. Thus, by controlling the flow of visitors, by bringing them to the right page with the right offer, you will be able to optimize your advertising spend and your customer conversions.


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