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Top Growth Hacking tools to optimize emails

When doing growth-hacking or growth-marketing, we seek to optimize each step, as seen in " Growth Hacking tools to optimize and customize everything an important part is also to optimize and automate the emails sent to our prospect and/or customer base. Here are some tools to make these optimizations, send the right information, to the right people, at the right time and therefore increase our chances of closing!


Tools to optimize customer conversion with emails


Lemlist is a “Made In France” tool that optimizes email deliverability and customer conversion. To achieve this, it offers, first of all, a sending and test management functionality to permanently monitor the deliverability of emails (with the opening rate, the risk of arriving in spam, etc.). Your emails will thus be able to leave at an appropriate rate and in quantities. Once your email address is connected, you can personalize the emails sent to your prospect or customer database with specific images (this is not yet common and therefore send a photo with the logo and name of your future customer registered on it , it catches his attention!) and the text adapted according to your database, you can also add or modify certain mailings before sending them to personalize them even more! Ideal for BtoB prospecting or personalized customer follow-up. Add to this the possibility of automating the sending of an email tunnel (interesting for making reminders, reminders or even to properly welcome a new subscriber to our site for example) and you have a management and optimization of impactful mailings!


The founder of lemlist made a demo video in English:


Mailshake also allows the automation and customization of mailing sequences for B to B prospecting. An option allows us to clean our email database and therefore have a better chance of passing anti-spam.


Getresponse is a tool with multiple facets! Email marketing, conversion tunnel, marketing automation, landing page, connection with advertisements on Google and Facebook, organization of Webinars…. And all in multiple languages, including French! It is a tool already well known in France and its ease of handling is surely for something!


Here is a complete demo to create a sales funnel (funnel for friends 😀 )


ActiveCampaign is an emailing tool that pushes automation even further by focusing on customer conversion. It allows us to have precise targeting to find the right prospects and develop our audience. By capturing their attention with personalized messages based on who makes up this audience and the targeted need. Active Campaign allows, for example, to send personalized advice to our prospects and then offer them the best offer. This approach is based on customer satisfaction to optimize the conversion rate and allows both to sign more contracts (by providing the right offer, to the right person, at the right time), to build loyalty and to have more recommendations thereafter. Just like Getresponse, it is available in several languages, including French! 😉


The demo to do an automation with ActiveCampaign:


Klenty is also a mailing tool that offers automation and personalization of emails according to the audience. It is also directly linked to certain CRMs to make the link with telephone calls so it seems perfect for BtoB activities. It also has a formula for agencies and the follow-up of its customers which could interest you according to your activity.


The example of Klenty integration with Zoho CRM in video:


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