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Top Growth Hacking Tools Optimize Robots and AI

After seeing Growth Hacking tools to optimize the sending of emails, let's turn to cool tools for automate the first contacts with your customers and optimize the creation of your content by relying on the'artificial intelligence.

Tools to create chatbots

Landbot allows create chatbots (Where chatbots) on WhatsApp and on your website. So you can easily set up tailor-made conversations to recover the contact details of your customers automatically, agree on a appointment, the subscribe to a newsletter, the redirect to an offer or a specific product… Then it is possible to link the bot to many tools like Zappier, Slack, Mailchimp…etc.… and thus be able to correctly and automatically track your customers. Landbot is therefore ideal for fans of automated lead generation and " Lead Nurturing ".


It's so simple! :


Clevy is also a tool facilitating the implementation of chatbots. These robots can be useful for optimize and automate full of action, internally with the rest of the team or even with customers, communities of ambassadors…etc. Without coding, you can connect your robot to your databases or other tools and thus use this information as a basis for automated exchanges.

Innovative Growth Hacking tools

Synthesis is a solution to automatically create (with the help of Artificial Intelligence) a presentation video with a facilitator speaking the text you wrote. All you need to do is have the text, of the copy-paste on Synthesia then choose the avatar who will speak it (avatars look human). You will have the video of a “person” who says all of the text that you have pasted. Enough to embellish an article blog, a sales page or whatever with a video.

bannerbear is a tool of image and video creation that can be automated with Zapper or even connected directly with Air table without the need to code. For example, you can have a content base on Airtable or Google Sheet and pass it through Bannerbear's robot to extract images and broadcast on social networks afterwards. This tool can be coupled with a scraping tool which completes your upstream database, bannerbear will make pictures that you can then distribute or program automatically on your social networks with one or more other tools connected to Zapper. To go further, it is possible to make other connections if an encoder is used.

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