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Top SEO webmarketing tools Analyze your site

Once the keyword research has been done (see Tools for finding keywords and referencing), it shouldanalyze your own site to continually improve it.

Analyze the SEO of your website

For it, the most complete tool and one of the most famous East SEM Rush which has different features allowing toanalyze your site, of find keywords for his natural reference and even advocating full page contents. The SEM Rush team then drew on their experience to launch Sellerly to help entrepreneurs who have stores on Amazon (we're a little off topic, but for those who want to boost their store, there's a great promise 🙂 ).

Following your feedback, here is a video to image SEM Rush: 

Moz also allows toanalyze your site, to bring suggestions optimization and to make feedback on backlinks ie the links present on other Internet sites and pointing towards your site.

1.fr brings, as far as he is concerned, advice for'optimize texts themselves in analyzing the will of the users behind each of their searches.

Cocolysis East a french tool used to have a visibility of its referencing on certain key words, the analysis “onpage” that is to say the text of a specific page, or that of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page or the search engine results page in French). He is also interested in Backlinks give some advice and offers a free tool to analyze an SEO page.

Improve the performance of your website

You can also install a plugin on your web browser using Minion SEO, you will thus have different information on criteria impacting the SEO (redirects, broken links, in addition to other features already presented in other tools).

As written above, the response speed of your page is apparently taken into account by Google in SEO. And anyway, it is often boring to wait a long time for a site to load, it risks losing your visitors' patience and making them go elsewhere. So you can use Speed Insight page from Google and GTMetrix for analyze and have recommendations on the loading speed of your different pages.

At last ScreamingFrog East a great tool from a technical point of view because it allows scroll our site to make a advanced SEO audit. It then gives a lot of different information to further optimize our SEO.


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