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Top SEO webmarketing tools track your SEO

Once you have found your target keywords (Top tools for finding keywords and referencing) and that you know how to analyze your site (Top tools to analyze your site and progress), you will need to track your SEO. How do you position yourself against your competitors? How many visitors do you have on your website? Who are they ?

Track the performance of your website

monitor tank ensures the SEO tracking based on keywords chosen by analyzing your site as well as your social networks, your positioning on reference sites, and all competitor data. It is an effective tool and also allows you to pay only for the number of keywords followed (with a free start).


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Google Analytics allows you to follow the number of visits and to know the profile of visitors coming to your site. This is a good way for better understand your audience and thus continue to improve your SEO strategy.

Diib relies on Google Analytics, SEM Rush and Moz in particular to give specific advice to improve your webmarketing strategy. Once set up, this tool can make it easier for you to manage your SEO strategy creating alerts related to your goals. You can also connect your Facebook page and Google My Business to it to optimize Diib's results and analyzes in order to be more precise in the execution of your strategy.

Build and adjust your web marketing strategy

Finally, two tools for track users on your site and of understand how they behave are smart look and Hotjar. These tools allowanalyze the journey tracked by your users with the ability to see where they click and how far they descend on your pages. It is always interesting to see if our page is read to the end and it can be surprising to realize that many visitors click in a place that was not intended for that!


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