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  1. Comment avoir un impact fort et faire une bonne première impression ? (Uclic, Mutiny, Hyperise)
  2. Personnaliser un lien avec PixelMe pour maîtriser son tunnel d’acquisition clients même hors site


When we talk about Growth Hacking, we often hear about scrapping, with simple software as in Growth Hacking tools for scrapping. Appearance personalization is also one of key points of growth techniques ! Here you can therefore discover the tools for optimize your conversions and customize everything for your customers.

How to have a strong impact and make a good first impression?

With Uclic, you can add a custom picture to your Linkedin, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter messages and even in your emails. With this picture you have a generated link that takes your contact to a personalized landing page with his first name, the name of his company among other information... watching the demos on the site is visual, quick to understand and quite impressive. With Uclic you will have improved conversion rates. Another advantage, it is natively connected to other tools and in particular Zapier (yes, him again), which will allow you to make interesting combinations for your growth strategy.

In the same line, we find Mutiny which allows customize landing page (Landing Page) of the site according to the profile of the visitor. Mutiny is connected to databases and so can detect the profile of Internet users and customize the presented page. It then displays conversions based on profiles. On the other hand, two points must be taken into account, the customer journey to get a price is quite laborious and the price seems to me to be unsuitable for start-up companies. This is a relevant tool for companies already well established. To be seen on a case-by-case basis depending on your company. If you have more than 20,000 visitors per month, Mutiny is starting to look interesting. 😊

You want to personalize your interactions with your prospects and customers? You want them surprise ? Hyperizes East more affordable than Mutiny and go personalize images and text sent by email, or the page of your website depending on the visitor. Hyperise additionally offers functions data "enrichment", that is to say that this tool will help you to complete your databases by increasing your knowledge of your customers. Hyperise is connected with many other tools, CRMs and Zapier, so you can imagine a nice variety of Growth Hacking strategies to establish !


An example of using Hyperizes with Chatfuel (Conversational bot for Facebook, seen in Growth Hacking tools for social networks )


Personnaliser un lien avec PixelMe pour maîtriser son tunnel d’acquisition clients même hors site

PixelMe propose links which, when shared and clicked, allow you to create custom audiences and thus set up relevant targeted advertisements. You can then follow the activity of your visitors, whether they have passed on your site or even on your social networks, on a platform on which you posted your link… target them with specific advertisements via different advertising networks (Facebook ads for example) and monitor your performance in order to measure the success of each link. It is therefore a powerful weapon to make retargeting (re-targeting) and be able to perfectly master its customer acquisition tunnels, even off-site!


The PixelMe back office:



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