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Top Growth Hacking Tools The Basics Automating Tasks

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  1. Automatiser en connectant des milliers d’outils entre eux (Zappier, IFTTT, Integromat)
  2. Automatiser les tâches pour améliorer la productivité (Parabola, Autocrat, Reactor)
  3. Les outils Growth Hacking d’automatisation spécialisés (PhantomBuster, Pardot, Autopilot, Reply, Oliverlist)


A first interesting practice to be efficient and grow faster is to automate repetitive tasks with low added value. For example, enter the contact details of Internet users who respond positively to your Facebook ad (example: Lead Ads) automatically in your CRM (example: Pipedrive) and in your mailing database (example: Mailchimp). In this way you can automate your acquisition funnel. If your prospects are on Facebook, you can configure your advertising correctly, then your database will automatically complete and grow, your prospects will be able to receive your mailings (Automated naturally in your tool for sending emails) then when the moment your sales force will be able to take over, if necessary.

Automate by connecting thousands of tools together

Zapier is the most known and reputable automation tool on this subject. It allows you to connect more than 2,000 digital applications to each other and therefore to have multiple combinations. Its operation is simple. There is a trigger, in the example the registration of a user on a Facebook ad, then an action or series of actions such as adding this user in Mailchimp and then in our CRM to follow up. We can even tell ourselves for example that adding the prospect in the CRM is only useful from the opening of the 3rd e-mail and configure this in Zapier. It is a tool that can be an essential link in many customer acquisition strategies.

IFTTT is a direct competitor to Zapier and works in a similar way. From my point of view, it is much more relevant to make the link between social networks and our site (especially if the site is created with WordPress). I had fun, a few years ago, to automate the addition of each blog post (on the theme of horses, with pretty photos) to a Pinterest board. With this automation, you no longer need to open Pinterest with each publication, to share a link. It's done automatically and it allowed, at the time, to have a regular flow of visitors to new articles. Results: A few minutes invested at the start for recurring visibility over the long term and an improvement in natural referencing (SEO) at the same time.

Integromat works the same way as the previous 2. It is increasingly distributed and used by startups to set up automations and Growth Hacking strategies. It requires a little more practice than the previous ones but allows you to have a strong impact in terms of saving time. Here too, it can be interesting to see which digital tools are already connected to Integromat to find out if it is interesting for your Growth Hacking strategy. By digging a little this tool will give you some great ideas!


Integromat Demo:


Automate tasks to improve productivity

Parabola turned to improving productivity. This tool allows you to automate daily office tasks. For example, updating your inventory, doing your analytics reporting, etc. Every minute can be invested in high value-added tasks!

Autocrat is a Google Sheet module to automate document completion (like mail merge in Microsoft office tools). Do you retrieve data from a Google Sheet and want to reprocess it before integrating it into another document? Autocrat can help you!

Reactor is in the same line as Autocrat, it is a Google Sheet module that works like Zappier and IFTTT, with a trigger that launches an action. You can send yourself an alert by email when a ratio exceeds a certain threshold to be able to react quickly... Or simply to show off and tell your colleague that you have converted your 1,000th client! 😉

Specialized Automation Growth Hacking Tools

phantom buster is going to please Growth Hackers because this tool offers to automate actions that are precisely acclaimed by followers of Growth Hacking techniques! This ranges from automatically adding contacts on social networks to scrapping. The principle is simple, you have a "ghost" who will work for you from 10 minutes / day to several hours to do tedious tasks for you!

Salesforce Pardot specializes in the automation of B to B marketing campaigns (with Salesforces).

Autopilot Allows you to automate sales tunnels by connecting tools, and creating automatic emails. Ideal for followers of Maketing automation, Multi-channel marketing and Lead management!

Reply is ideal for supplying and monitoring commercial procedures in BtoB. Indeed, Reply allows you to find the contact details of your prospects on Linkedin, then to program and send Linkedin emails, calls, messages with a predefined rhythm, all this in an automated way (except the call, which will have to be made yourself 🙂 ).

Newly arrived on the market, Oliverlist also offers to automate BtoB prospecting tasks. Oliverlist is also Made In France!


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