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Specialized no-code platforms

After seeing how to create a website and discovered no code tools to create an application without coding, let's turn to platforms that are specialized for specific applications.

Create an online course sales platform

learnyboxPodiateachable are tools specialized in the sale of online courses. the e-learning being more and more developed, it may be interesting to take a look at it if you want sell your training or set up internal training programs for your employees, your customers (to use your product) or your partners.


The example of Podia in video:


System is a software that can also be interested in the training. In French, it allows you to create your sales funnels easily. You can thus create forms or some capture pages, create some e-mail campaigns to automatically sell your online training.

Dropshipping to do e-commerce without having stock

Spocket is an example of a tool for making dropshipping, a fashionable thermal bath allowing sell products without having them in stock and without having to send them yourself because they are directly sent by the producer to your buyer. Be careful, however, to find a market which is not yet saturated and to be vigilant to your cost price (sell the product for more than the cost of the purchase + costs + customer acquisition)

The tools to launch your e-commerce platform

ShopifyPrestaShop and woocommerce specialize in creating e-commerce platform and allow you to have all the functionalities necessary to develop your online sales platform or its marketplace.


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