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The most famous tool to create your website East Wix. It is used by project leaders and entrepreneurs who wish to move quickly to confront their market and their first customers. It is possible to have quickly a beautiful site Internet and of it reference to be naturally found by its customers. With subscriptions (which I find very affordable), it is even possible to set up online payment methods and several features found in many showcase sites, e-commerce or e-learning for example.

In the same spirit you can also find Weblium who is already connected with many other digital tools, Squarespace which is more refined and SiteW which is a French alternative and very well rated by its users.

Here is the demo of Site W in 1 minute:

Sharetribe rather oriented towards construction of a slightly more complex platform or marketplace like Airbnb, eBay, or Fiverr for example. It is therefore a more specialized tool to create an internet platform without the need to code.

Strikingly arrived in the same market. It was much more popular a few years ago for making landing pages (landing pages) very quickly in order to test ideas. In a few minutes you can design a page, add your text and have a link to share to test your service or product idea. Ideal for testing via social networks or when you already have a database of emails. This no-code tool can also be used for create the home page of an event for example, add the program, the place, the schedules, the speakers… etc…

Siteoly and sheet2site work differently than the first tools no code cited. Indeed, these 2 tools make it possible to create a website from a Google Sheet (Google's spreadsheet tool). They are useful for build a website quickly to highlight structured information in the form of tables. Notice to Growth Hacker, it can give you ideas by connecting other tools present in the Top Growth Hacking tools!


Webflow turns more to designer. Without having to code, you still have to love and know how to place each banner and objects in the places you want. You will understand, the advantage is to can be very fine in the details and therefore have precisely the design you want.

In longer and in English, but explicit, here is a demo of Webflow:

For a simple and effective showcase site, Google My Business is mostly used by physical shops who wish to have a internet presence. With the ability to simply add the location of the store, the schedule opening and a few lines of presentation of the activity, this tool is useful for small traders and artisans. The advantage is also to be able to have the featured customer reviews, which is a good way to reassure the following customers!

A little more complex but present on a large part of the web (A priori 1 website out of 3 worldwide… But I personally did not count


), WordPress allows you to create your website and many other things. Only, it is necessary a little more practice to master it. This is useful when you want to put your hands in the code from time to time without starting from scratch. We shall therefore rather speak of "Low code" for WordPress because you have to know how to install it on a server (Such as OVH, 1and1 Ionos Where site ground for example), then take care of the various settings according to the chosen theme and added plugins. Indeed, WordPress allows to have a powerful engine on which we are going to install a theme that we can find ,for example, on EnvatoMarket, Elementor, WP-Engine (there were 3 months free with this code that you can still test 🙂: WPE3FREE ), StudioPress, Themeisle, rocket theme… then to which we are going to add some plugins to get the desired functionality. For example, it is possible to add WP-Rocket for speed up your site, monster-insights to get all the data of visits to its site directly in our dashboard or the plugins of many other compatible tools.

Here is a comparison video between Wix and WordPress that I find interesting, it's a gift 😉


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